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2x14 - The Rainy Day Woman

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Anonymous asked: I AM SO HAPPY YOU ARE BACK

THANK YOU. I’m happy to be back.

I feel like such a disappointment for leaving for so long!

To my followers and also to my love for The OC.

Hope I can manage to stay active.

Thank you for the love <3


Adam Brody & Leighton Meester in NYC Thursday morning 7/17/14 walking Trudy the cutie

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yeah, that’s a lie

Anonymous asked: Hello ! First thing to say is ... Thank you so much ! What you did ... it's just ... AMAZING ! ** I spent a lot of time here, watching your gifs but I notice one little thing ... I can't find a pairing ... Ryan and Alex ! :3 So please please please, would you do it ? It would be so great and helpful ! ** But if you don't want I totally understand ! So i 'm not gonna keep your time any longer x) Thank you again and love everything you've done ! **


Thank you so much for the sweet message :)

I do have a tag for them but I didn’t put it on the Pairings list because there’s only like one interaction…

If you want a specific scene, let me know!

Thanks again. xx